A moment, once captured is an eternal memory.

                     Never under estimate the value of your photographs.
                     I have been asked a lot in my time as a photographer :

               “Why?” – “what is it that attracts you to weddings and photography in general”

                     Well the answer for me is quite simple

                      “A moment, once captured is an eternal memory”.

                     The smile on a loved one's face, that look of pride when Daddy

                     sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day,

                     that sheer joy as a mother and child play in the garden together,

                     the passion and love that burns between a newly engaged couple,

                     those childhood memories of all the fun stuff we do with our loved ones.

                     In a moment of despair and sadness, in the tragic circumstances

                     of losing a loved one, where do we go to remember??

                     First we dig deep into our sad, foggy and emotion-filled memory

                     to try to remember EVERYTHING…..

                     The smiles, the cheeky looks, the laughter, the love they had for us

                     and the love we have for them……

                     and when we cannot seek all the memories we are chasing…..

                     we head straight to our photographs.

                     At the click of a mouse or the opening of a book our memories

                     flood back towards us, bringing us joy, happiness, yes – sadness too,

                     but the relief you feel inside when you come to realise that you don’t have to

                     dig to find these memories….

                     they are right there in front of you and they are eternal,

                     you can see every emotion and feeling and thought that was captured

                     just for you in that moment in time.

                     As a photographer –I deem it my duty, for my friends (clients) to ensure that

                     when I am working with them that I capture every memory possible.

                     I want them to know in their hearts that should they face that terrible time

                     of needing to dig deep for their memories that they wont have to look far.

                     It makes my heart smile and I shed a tear anytime I know that I have captured

                     memories that I know are helping a family through their grief and sadness.